Putting Reform Experience into Practice

The International Practitioners’ Partnership Network (PractNet) is an independent non-profit organisation that designs and implements training and advising programs to share Estonia’s democratic transition experience and expertise with its partner countries. PractNet follows a needs-based approach implementing programmes, projects, and activities that are tailored to meet local needs and ensures good governance, transparency and due diligence principles in all its activities.  





Study Visits

Project Management

PractNet builds its work on three pillars:

Main Focus Areas

enhancing investigative capacities of anti-corruption institutions; building capacity on implementation of Rule of Law, including reforms of prosecution, national police and judiciary; improving access to justice
support for development of local government, including building cooperation with civil society
capacity-building assistance and training to develop professional and independent media
promoting the digitalisation of public services and the economy


The PractNet team has years of practical experience in successfully leading and implementing international donor-funded programmes, projects, and activities. Its team comprises an international network of practitioners and specialists, including those who were directly involved in facilitating the developments and reforms during Estonia’s transition from a post-Soviet system to a Western democracy, and a member of the EU and NATO. 


Parda 8,
Tallinn 10151, Estonia